Hey I recently received this question:

Are some people assigned to your life for a season? My answer to that is yes….

You may be going through a difficult season of your life right now.

Maybe someone dear to you has left you, or you may have parted from a close friend. Quite often, people are assigned to be in our lives only for a certain season.

Often times, the strength for the next season will come from the pain from the past. It doesn’t mean that the pain is gone, but it means that the pain serves a purpose.

The only reason God takes people out of your life, is because they can’t go where He is taking you next. We must come to terms with this if we want to continue to grow. Everyone whom God surrounds us with, can either serve to build up our character, lead us closer to our God given purpose, or bring us down.

However, the people who are a part of our environment, have a refining effect on us as humans. They may either enable us to learn from a particular experience or, make life that little bit more exciting.

However, there is no guarantee they will remain in our lives for a lifetime. Therefore, we must learn to trust God as he brings us new connections, and removes old strings from our lives.

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