Are some people assigned to your life for a season?

Hey I recently received this question:

Are some people assigned to your life for a season? My answer to that is yes….

You may be going through a difficult season of your life right now.

Maybe someone dear to you has left you, or you may have parted from a close friend. Quite often, people are assigned to be in our lives only for a certain season.

Often times, the strength for the next season will come from the pain from the past. It doesn’t mean that the pain is gone, but it means that the pain serves a purpose.

The only reason God takes people out of your life, is because they can’t go where He is taking you next. We must come to terms with this if we want to continue to grow. Everyone whom God surrounds us with, can either serve to build up our character, lead us closer to our God given purpose, or bring us down.

However, the people who are a part of our environment, have a refining effect on us as humans. They may either enable us to learn from a particular experience or, make life that little bit more exciting.

However, there is no guarantee they will remain in our lives for a lifetime. Therefore, we must learn to trust God as he brings us new connections, and removes old strings from our lives.

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  1. Thank you for all you are doing.
    It was stated the ONLY reason GOD takes people out of our lives, is because they can’t go where GOD is taking us. Sometimes, I’ve felt that they left our lives in order for us to get where we are, i.e. My Mother. Our thoughts are somewhat parallel. My husband after 25 years, left within 10 days after being diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer while receiving dialysis 3 times a week for 13.5 hours. When did the plan change, that I was to go in a different direction, or go on without him? I did not know GOD was placing me on another ship in midstream. All I know is that HE brought us together for a Reason, during a Season, but not for a Lifetime.
    I’m so very grateful for the fact that GOD placed us in the lives of each other to grow through the lenses of each other’s eyes. His assignment was over two years ago and mine is continuing. I will treasure and remember the gift of LOVE I received because Henry James Speed was here. As I continue to press on, I will go to GOD in prayer and get my instructions, because HE knows the plans HE has for my life. These are plans to prosper me without harm, plans to give me hope and a future. Two things I’ve grown to learn, is GOD keeps HIS promises and HE does not make mistakes.
    In my head, I hear GOD saying ” lean not to thine own understanding, but in all ways, acknowledged ME. Life’s events, becomes easier to handle when your spiritually based, opposed to being emotional, because the pain is still there. But GOD is my comfort and I will continue to trust GOD’s infinite wisdom, as I watch my spiritual muscle grow during this assignment.
    Thank you.

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