Check Your Heart


Meeting with Jesus everyday, in solitude is important. There are only some secrets that are told by God when you get alone with him, as with any person, be alone and sooner or later you both become vulnerable and share secrets and hear the heartbeat of what they face. Recently. I’ve been doing this “check my heart” activity and it’s working. When you check your heart you give yourself permission to look into the deepest parts of your soul. The more you grow inwardly the more you will experience heaven outwardly.

Ask yourself questions + Being honest to yourself = Growth

These are the questions you can begin to ask yourself:

Did I really love God?

Did I live knowing why I did what I did?

Am I carrying any offences?

Did I learn anything today?

Did I get carried away with “doing” things and not “being”?

Did the quality of my character increase?

Did God really speak to me?



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