Growth Series Part 4: Measurements

Measuring personal growth is a subjective undertaking. You need to evaluate yourself as a whole, recognize where you feel you need to grow and determine whether you have been making positive changes. The process of measuring your growth, therefore, requires honesty and discipline.

Why is it important to measure your growth? 

  1. Allows you to be reflective of yourself
  2. You will improve as an individual
  3. You will be empowered to work towards goals

How to measure personal growth:

  1. Past – Take time to reflect on past performances and results. Analyse your past strategies and the results which you achieved with those strategies.
  2. Present – Create awareness of your present actions and current performances. What is your current routine like? Do you think by continuing this, you will move forward and grow?
  3. Track weekly progress with a show – and – tell with a friend or family member. Accountability can go a long way towards motivating you to keep going.
  4. My most used strategy to measure personal development is – to check how many bad habits I have deleted and how many good ones I have incorporated into my life.Remember, there is no universal way to measure personal development. Everything depends on what do you want to improve on and which dimension of your life you are working on. Therefore, tailor these strategies to suit yourself.

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