How Are You Using Social Media?

Social media is very real and very prominent in today’s day and age. We are so connected, yet so disconnected.

Imagine this scenario – A group of friends are out for lunch but rather than speaking to one another, they are all engrossed by the never-ending notifications that continue to pop up on their phone screens. Our connection to the real word is slowly disappearing because we are trying so hard to engage in the virtual reality exposed to us, rather than seize the life that has been gifted to us.

The rate at which the kids of our generation are growing up is alarming. 10, 11 and 12 year old children are active on various social media platforms attempting to portray a desirable lifestyle online to a bunch of strangers if nothing else. In an attempt to reach out to strangers on the internet, they are forgetting about the people around them. Table manners and conversational skills are among the everyday values that are being sacrificed for the sake of an intriguing online presence. The consumption of idealised images and posts are causing self-esteem levels to plummet but what people fail to realise is that things aren’t exactly as they may appear to be online.

Social media has the potential to be powerful. Are you using it in a way which leaves you bitter or better?

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