Why I’m Not Changing…

People simply don’t change because they decide not to. It’s very simple. I am only one decision away from change.  My behaviour, my attitude, my lifestyle and everything I want out, that seems wrong to me – I have the power invested in me to change that.

You’ve been talking about growth for a very long time, being around people who perhaps maybe growing, but you’ve seen none of it in your life. You feel left behind, inadequate and unfulfilled. I don’t want you to feel as if I’m blaming you, but the truth is, this is your fault. Until and unless you don’t take responsibility for growth, nothing happens.

The benefits of change:
1. My mental capacity increases – I can do more without having to think more
2. I’ll have a better long term lifestyle and health
3. I add more value to the people around me which makes me a scarce resource and increases my demand

The cost of change:
1. Leaving your current comfort zone
2. Sticking to a commitment which requires self control when hell breaks loose
3. You may lose some friends – particularly, those who don’t want to change

So why can’t I change?
You’re not changing because you don’t see the need to change. It’s because you have not decided what it is that you need to change. Until you have not counted the costs and understood the benefits of change and the long term effects, you’ll talk all day long without seeing any progress. Change is good, change is required and change means growth.


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