Why Conversations Matter

If your destiny matters to you then the nature of your conversations should matter. There are long, short, waste of time, productive, negative, positive, business, family, romantic types of conversations, your conversations day by by unlocks the ideas you have about yourself. But why do conversations matter?

They unlock potential
They unlock purpose
They reveal your nature of your heart
They can build you
They can destroy you

I could keep going with this exhaustive list of why conversations matter…but the truth is that what you talk about reveals the contents of the heart. In the bible, we see that Eve had a conversation with a serpent which resulted in the fall of mankind. Truth be told, if that conversation would’ve simply been ignored we would now all be experiencing heaven on earth. I want to turn your attention to this passage that speaks out to me:

Psalms 12:1-2 (Passion translation)
Help, Lord! Save us! For godly ones are swiftly disappearing. Where are the dependable, principled ones? They’re a vanishing breed! Everyone lies, everyone flatters, and everyone deceives. Nothing but empty talk, smooth talk, and double-talk. Where are the truthful?

1. Are the people you have time to talk to leading you to truth or lies?
2. Is what they say, empty, smooth and with a double intent or straight to the point?

I know several people that would beat around the bush rather than be confronted with a conversation of truth. I want to encourage you in 2018, stay in lane with people that will speak truth to you no matter what. True conversations is rare these days. Find people that will share truth to you

Would you join me

By learning more on how you can become rare in this world?

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