Why Investing In Yourself Leads to Growth

The hardest people to grow are the people that are unwilling to make decisions. To grow in life or to stay put is a decision you’ve made and we all know that life is a result of decisions.

Why do some achieve their vision and some struggle to get off the ground?
Why do some succeed and some fail?
Why do some live their life to the fullest and others die full of their potential?


Until you don’t make a choice to change or a decision to grow, you will stay where you are!
God has designed you to grow and if every earthly father has a desire to see their children to grow, mature and become successful, how much more God!!

I can talk to you and tell you that you need to grow but the more important question is HOW DO I GROW?

To grow you must be willing to invest in yourself. Here some things you can do:

* Read 1 book every week. I use tools like Blinkist, Kindle, Medium
* Exercise 45 minutes to 1 hour a day
* Make intentional decisions to meet people that can invest into where I am going
* Challenge and evaluate your thinking patterns
* Allow failure to occur so you can invent new methods

Key takeaway: You only grow in life when you make the intentional decision to grow. Life is a matter of decision, and every decision you make, makes you.

(You can listen to the audio version of this blog to hear some additional content)

Also, if you feel you need advice when it comes to practical ways to grow, reach out to me now


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