I recently left my well-paying job to attend to my business and church full-time. I contemplated and tried to stall this process but sooner or later I had to do it. The corporate knowledge I’ve gathered in the last couple years of work has definitely shaped me positively and I’d like to thank everybody who’s played their part. In this post I want to point out two reasons why I left and my outlook on life which I hope inspires you. (By the way this post isn’t to tell you to leave your current job, but to think about where you’re at in life.)

I won’t get back today

Let’s say an average human life is 80 years, if you’re over 20, unfortunately there are 21,900 days left. I’m only 24 once and everyday counts for me. I won’t get to relive today and being assertive about where I’m going is absolutely crucial. Every minute is important to me and I’d like to encourage everyone to think like this because time is not on your side. If you want to do something in life, set out a plan of steps you need to take and don’t get distracted. Some folk are not happy with where they’re at with life, job or relationship… and it’s purely because they decide to sit and expect things to change for them. If you don’t like where you are at, CHANGE. If you’re around the age of 15-24, explore, explore and explore as sitting on social media scrolling your news feed will not create the life you dream about.

Living Risky is Better Than Living Safe

I know people who have worked a 9-5 job at the same company for 45 years, I truly appreciate their dedication to their work place, (side note: For those of you in this place in your life, you’re already happy with where you are, fulfilling your potential and not requiring change – that’s OK! This post is written to challenge those who are not satisfied and know deep down there are better options) but being in one place will only take you so far…and yes experience matters but it isn’t everything. When you’re challenged, put on the spot and on the verge to taking that leap of faith you’ll quickly discover what was always inside you. If you decide to live a safe life that’s ok and don’t want to take big risks decide to take small risks and see how far you can go.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did.” – Mark Twain

Many live in the safe zone, in comfort, in complacency, talking themselves out of potential possibilities. But if you’re going to sit back and watch your life pass by, you will not discover who you can become and the impact you can make in your world.

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  1. Very encouraging thoughts Josh. Your purpose is certainly bigger than you. May God help you to fulfil all the endeavours of your heart.

  2. Truly thought provoking. Very well written. It’s important for all of us to try and find a purpose for living, or else life is meaningless as the wisest King on earth, Solomon said. To fear God and to keep His commandments that is the whole duty of man Eccl 12:13

  3. Extremely well written thoughts Josh.. you certainly made me think the real purpose of my life..and most importantly, the inspiring words “If you don’t like where you are at, CHANGE”.

  4. Hi Joshua, all the best in your new adventure.

    I recommend for anyone under 30, go apply for a Work Visa overseas while you can and are of desirable age, it can be a great way to discover yourself and another country.

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